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On September 15, 2016, the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team released their second annual report demonstrating measurable progress, in areas ranging from military retirement security to school-meals access for low-income students, in implementing the President’s Executive Order, “Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the Nation.”

OSTP Blog from September 15 2016

Recording of White House Summit on Behavioral Science Insights

Fact Sheet

September 15 2016 Event Agenda

2016 Annual Report

Implementation Guidance for Executive Order 13707


On September 15, 2015, President Obama signed an Executive Order directing Federal agencies to use behavioral science insights to better serve the American people.

Executive Order on

Executive Order in Federal Register

Fact Sheet

September 15 2015 Event Agenda

SBST 2015 Annual Report

SBST 2015 Executive Summary

OSTP Blog from September 15 2015

OSTP Blog from February 9 2015

OIRA / OSTP Forms Guidance