OES will release 3 toolkits in 2020

OES is expanding its capacity to provide government-wide resources and implementation support around evidence-building activities and evaluation, in support of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 (“Evidence Act”). The Evidence Act requires agencies to undertake a number of activities related to building and using evidence including the establishment of an Evaluation Officer (EO) position, the development of multi-year Learning Agendas, the development of Annual Evaluation Plans, and the completion of the Capacity Assessment. In addition to improving how agencies use evidence, the implementation of the Evidence Act offers an opportunity to better align performance, budget, strategic planning, policymaking, data, and evidence-building activities across the Federal government.

In FY19, OES began to design materials specifically for use by Evaluation Officers as they onboard, stand up their teams, work across their agencies to engage stakeholders, and begin to implement requirements. OES will provide these toolkits on Learning Agendas, Annual Evaluation Plans and Capacity Assessment, with an associated training, in early 2020.