We help the government learn what works, what does not work, and what works most cost-effectively.

What is the Office of Evaluation Sciences?

The Office of Evaluation Sciences (OES) is an interdisciplinary team that brings diverse scientific expertise to Federal agencies and translates research insights into concrete recommendations for how to improve Federal programs, policies, and operations. OES then collaborates directly with agencies to implement, rigorously test, and evaluate the impact of these changes.

Based at the General Services Administration (GSA), OES supports GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy’s mission to serve agencies by helping them to use policies, evidence, and analysis to drive efficiency, savings, and improved mission performance. At GSA, OES is uniquely situated to deploy technical support to agencies across the Federal government, provide an independent yet intragovernmental perspective, and develop standards for high-quality rapid-cycle evaluations in the government environment. OES’ mission and operating model involve engaging a wide variety of agencies to answer high-priority questions, often developing iterative collaborations over multiple years to fill evidence gaps.

What does OES do?

OES pairs teams of experts directly with agency collaborators to learn quickly what works and doesn’t, and what is cost-effective to improve agency outcomes. A typical project involves: