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What is the Office of Evaluation Sciences?

OES is a team of applied experts based at the General Services Administration (GSA) that combines academic expertise with experience implementing and evaluating evidence-based program improvements. The private sector quickly learns what does not work, what works, and what works most cost-effectively - government should, too. OES supports GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy’s mission to “use policies, evidence, and analysis to help agencies drive efficiency, savings, and improved mission performance.”

What does OES do?

OES recruits top talent in diverse scientific fields such as economics, psychology, public health, and statistics from academic institutions and non-profit organizations into government to complete a one-year, in-person Fellowship. OES also accepts subject matter experts from other Federal agencies on detail to build capacity governmentwide in designing and implementing rapid, low-cost evaluations.

OES work directly with agency collaborators across government to:

What does OES look for in a potential project?

In general, a project may be a good fit if it contains: