Learning what works to support equitable delivery of the American Rescue Plan


The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) was designed to address immediate needs related to the pandemic, with a specific focus on addressing historically disparate outcomes across race, class, and geography that were further exacerbated by the pandemic. As federal programs are innovating and finding new ways to achieve these goals, OES’ evaluations will measure whether ARP-funded interventions are working as intended and share lessons learned.

OES team members will work closely with agency partners to design and implement an evaluation, analyze data, and share findings. We’re excited to work with agency partners across government. OES will be reviewing ideas on a rolling basis in 2022. If you are interested in collaborating, please email elana.safran@gsa.gov.

How the collaboration works (PDF)


OES is collaborating with the Office of Management and Budget Evidence Team and the ARP Implementation Team, as well as the U.S. Department of Treasury, the Department of Education, and other agencies, to undertake a portfolio of evaluations with agency partners to better understand how to improve awareness, access, and allocation of ARP programs and resources, focusing on ARP programs with equity goals. This set of evaluations will be intentional and strategic in building evidence to understand the role of ARP programs and supported interventions in improving outcomes for historically underserved populations.

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