Lori Foster is a Professor of Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology at North Carolina State University, where she leads the IOTech4D Lab devoted to research at the intersection of work, psychology, technology and socio-economic development. Lori has a passion for combining theories, methods, and innovations in I-O psychology, economics, and data science to address labor market issues and inform employment policy. She is especially interested in skills measurement and workforce development. As a scientist-practitioner, she has served as a consultant to organizations and governments worldwide, including more than fifteen years of experience working with military organizations. She has delivered hundreds of papers and talks to audiences spanning six continents, and her printed scholarship has taken the form of refereed journal articles, book chapters, authored, and co-edited books, including two recent volumes on Using I-O Psychology for the Greater Good and The Psychology of Workplace Technology. Lori earned her Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational psychology from the University of South Florida in 1999.



Years active

2014, 2015

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Defense, Labor