Dr. Aislinn Heavy Runner-Rioux (Blackfeet) joins OES as a Tribal Engagement Fellow, focusing on understanding and drawing lessons from the experience of Native Nations with American Rescue Plan programs. Currently, she serves as a Senior Tribal Engagement Evaluator at The University of Montana, as well as the Senior Research and Evaluation Advisor for Kauffman and Associates, Inc. Dr. Rioux leads critical research and evaluation related to issues affecting Indian Country and has worked with an extensive array of Tribal, Federal, State, Non-profit, and Philanthropic organizations. She has extensive experience in leading research and evaluation with a focus on indigenous context. Her comprehensive skill set extends to all facets of research and evaluation from the design of models and frameworks that are culturally based, methodology, engagement, data collection and analysis, and translation into usable information grounded in community values. Dr. Rioux’s multifaceted contributions underscore her dedication to culturally grounded research, advocacy, and community engagement. Her endeavors exemplify a profound commitment to uplifting tribal communities and community advocacy. Dr. Rioux’s academic achievements include a Master of Interdisciplinary Studies in Applied Statistics/Criminology, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from The University of Montana.

Aislinn Heavy Runner-Rioux


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