Winnetka, Illinois

What is your favorite DC area spot?

Any Compass Coffee location

Why did you join OES?

My academic research focuses on how social service bureaucracies use various methods to prioritize people for help. While my research thus far has focused on diagnosing problems with the ways that governments prioritize, OES offers a unique opportunity to partner with federal agencies to conduct RCTs aimed at the more equitable provision of government services. In the process, I’m also excited to learn more about how agencies are using modern computational tools to improve their operations (e.g., NLP for better record linkage within their administrative data; AI to facilitate two-way communication with beneficiaries).

What OES project do you find most interesting?

The OES project testing supports for schools to better identify students experiencing homelessness, conducted before I arrived, tackles a crucial policy issue: the gap between who is formally eligible for a policy–all students experiencing homelessness–and who ends up receiving the policy’s benefits: the subset of those students whom districts’ homeless liaisons identify. The strategy of translating the homeless liaison’s broad mandate into concrete, actionable steps seems interesting to test across similar policies where those eligible may need extra outreach.


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