The OES four-year Strategic Plan outlines our goals, strategic objectives, performance measures, and key capabilities for fiscal years 2022–2025. The plan will guide our decisions over the coming years, allowing the team to make meaningful contributions to and achievements within the federal government. The plan positions our team to support federal agency leadership and policymakers in expanding their use of evidence to inform decisions and investments in three priority areas.
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Make access to federal programs easier and more equitable.

Our team will work with federal agencies to identify and design program changes that aim to increase access to federal programs, reduce burden for underserved populations, and better serve the public. We will contribute to a government-wide understanding of how to identify and address barriers that prevent underserved populations from accessing government programs.

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Build actionable evidence relevant to federal programs and policies.

We commit to sharing rigorous evaluation results and actionable operational and methodological recommendations with relevant audiences in a timely manner. We will clearly and accurately share evaluation findings using a variety of dissemination and communication tools.

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Promote and support excellence in federal evaluation.

The OES team will continue to develop and maintain strong relationships with federal agencies across government. We will provide guidance and resources on rigorous evaluation, quantitative methods, and using administrative data that support long-term capacity building within the federal workforce.

In addition to the strategic objectives set above, we will continue to focus on key organizational components, namely our team, partnerships, and services.

In the years ahead, we will focus on building evidence to make federal programs more equitable, on supporting evidence application and use, and strengthening the federal evaluation ecosystem. By investing in these priorities, we will concentrate impact in priority areas where we have comparative advantage, a proven track record of success, and the opportunity to create meaningful change.

We welcome you to share feedback on our strategic plan and ideas for collaboration. Please email to start the conversation.

Read our Strategic Plan (PDF)