OES is committed to ensuring that humility, rigor, and transparency are at the foundation of our work.

How does OES work?

Our team is based at the General Services Administration (GSA), making us uniquely situated to deploy technical support to agencies across the Federal government, provide an independent yet intragovernmental perspective, and develop standards for high-quality evaluations in the government environment. The Office of Evaluation Sciences (OES) mission and operating model involve engaging a wide variety of agencies to answer high-priority questions and build evidence where it is lacking.

OES works directly with agencies to design, launch, and analyze rigorous rapid-cycle evaluations. As an interdisciplinary team, OES brings deep knowledge of a broad research literature, and thus is able to apply the most relevant insights to agency challenges. OES enhances the capacity of federal teams by developing iterative collaborations over multiple years to fill evidence gaps. We are agile and creative as we find ways to rigorously evaluate what is working (and what is not) to enable government to better serve the public.

OES team members follow three guiding principles:

OES Resources

In addition to making our own research as rigorous, reliable, and reproducible as possible, we are committed to making our research tools available for others to apply or adapt to their own work. Below are some of these tools, which are continuously under development as we refine our methods and learn from our own projects.

Find these useful? Have suggestions for improvement? We look forward to hearing from you!

Resources coming soon: